Super 400 Gibson

super 400 gibson

This is my Super 400 Gibson post. In celebration of that fact, I’m offering up a little gift to my fellow bloggers and traders: a public knowledge version of my personal Tradelist. That would be the same Excel file I use myself for trades with all the privileged information taken out. No real names, e-mail address, or most importantly physical addresses of anybody; only blog name, blog web address, and an abbreviated list of wants – all public information already available online to anybody.

Think of it as bdj610’s Blogroll but with want lists.I’ve been building this list over the last two years, and it’s certainly a tool I wish I had when I first began trading. Only recently did it reach its full potential, and I’ve decided gibson super 400 ces for sale that everybody should have a taste. So it’s yours for the asking. Everyone wins this giveaway.

You can use it for trading, amending your own database, or simply discovering new card blogs. Feel free to update it with whatever privileged information each blogger has felt safe enough to share with you. (Do not ask me for any of this information as I will not share it. It is up to each blogger what information they choose to share and with whom.)

If I don’t already follow your blog and you want it to be a part of the public Tradelist, feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I’ll be making final updates this week. Again, I will only include your blog’s title, web address, and a short list of what you collect. Nothing else.On the flip-flop, if anyone would rather their blog NOT appear on the Trade list for any reason, let me know. I’ll gladly remove you with no hard feelings.

To be honest you could build your own list pretty easily by cross-referencing James B. Anama’s Sports Card Blogroll with Got It. Got It. Need It. amending wants with information from each blog, and adding hyperlinks; but let me save you the trouble.

Put your request in the comments section below or e-mail it to me at thejuniorjunkie <at> gmail <dot> com. I will have the finished product out to you next week to give people time to opt in or out.

In the meantime, I’m off to build a bunch of stress-free trade packages! Please enjoy this bunch of 400-related thingies .